A Little More About Me…

Gardiner, MT – Outside of Yellowstone National Park

Welcome to Self and Sustenance! I’m Madie, a 26 year old Colorado transplant with a deep passion for all things food and travel. I’m originally from the great state of Indiana (go Hoosiers!) and moved to Colorado two years ago to begin graduate school.

While the midwest will always hold a special place in my heart, I love to travel, experience new adventures and of course, EAT.

Krka National Park – Croatia

As with many food and travel bloggers, I don’t have any formal culinary training and I’m certainly not a professional travel agent. BUT I have learned so much over the years planning my own vacations, both in Europe and the US, and I have been cooking since I developed the arm strength to hold a pan by myself.

I grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana with most of my family residing in Kentucky. I was basically raised on meat, potatoes, and bourbon, which are the three greatest things to be raised on in my opinion. I am very biased.

I have taught myself how to still enjoy my favorite childhood recipes while making them a bit lighter and healthier, because Lord knows there was a stick of butter added to every meal I ate growing up (NOT saying that was a bad thing…for my tastebuds at least). DISCLAIMER – I still use butter.

Staunton State Park, CO – Elk Falls Trail

I hope that this blog serves as an inspiration for others to explore, not only the great outdoors and all that mother nature has to offer, but to also explore and test boundaries in the kitchen while creating delicious meals using fresh ingredients.