Stop #1 – Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Stop #1 – Washington D.C.

First off, let me apologize because I have neglected posting for about a month while preparing for our move back across the country to Indiana, Then we spent time with family and friends when we got back. Then I just didn’t feel like posting until we started the trip. SORRY! Luckily, all of that is about to change because we are finally on the road!

We left Fishers, IN on May 5th around 7:20am and headed out towards Washington D.C. We had originally planned to stop in Pittsburgh on the way, but made the decision to skip it so we could get to DC faster and hang out with some friends. We got there around 6pm on 5/5 and met up with our good friend Forrest, who has Joel’s roommate while he lived in Germany. The first item on the agenda was, of course, FOOD.

May 5, 2017: We ended up going to Tail Up Goat, which was a suggestion by Forrest. THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. I highly recommend it if you’re in the D.C. area. This restaurant actually has one Michelin star but has extremely affordable prices. Oh, and they also have killer cocktails.

After that we stopped by a bar called Roofers Union, and then headed to Jack Rose. Forrest works at Jack Rose, which is an upscale whiskey bar with over 2,600 different types of whiskey. Needless to say, we were in heaven.

May 6, 2017: This was our “typical Washington D.C. tourist” day. We started off taking the metro to the National Archives and hit a TON of places from there:

  • National Archives
  • National Sculpture Garden
  • The U.S. Capitol Building
  • The U.S. Supreme Court
  • Smithsonian Castle
  • Natural History Museum
  • The White House
  • Washington Monument
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • World War II Memorial

It was pretty rainy the entire day and we had to duck into a Starbucks after seeing the White House because it started raining so hard. It seemed like the weather kind of matched our feelings toward the current administration, and the general sense of impending doom in the city. I really wasn’t even that excited to see the White House, but I’m glad we did because I don’t know when I’ll get the opportunity again.

Once we got to that point where all the monuments started to blur together, we walked along the Potomac River up to the Georgetown neighborhood to grab a beer and a bite to eat. This was probably my favorite neighborhood in the city and seemed to be pretty busy. We went to a restaurant called Farmers, Fishers, Bakers that was right on the river and it was so delicious. If you ever go, get the Honey, Fig and Prosciutto Pizza. To. Die. For.

May 7, 2017: We started off our last day in Washington D.C. at the Navy Yards, which is one of the newer neighborhoods. Things definitely seemed new and restaurants were still a little sparse so you could tell everyone was still sort of settling in. We took a stroll through the Navy Yards Farmer’s Market and grabbed some coffee, then walked down to Navy Yards Park to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine (finally).

We missed the U.S. Botanic Gardens on Saturday and I really wanted to go there, so we headed back up to the National Mall. I had a weir obsession with botanic gardens for some reason, like I HAVE to go when I hear the botanic gardens in a certain place are good so of course we had to go to the U.S. Botanic Gardens.

After that we went up to the Renwick Gallery, and honestly this was one of my favorite places we went the entire time. It’s a pretty small gallery but they had very intriguing and unique exhibits. After the Renwick, we drove back down to Tidal Basin to hit the Jefferson Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, since we missed them on Saturday.

Forrest also took us to see some of the embassies in the area and through the different neighborhoods. We stopped for a beer at Right Proper Brewing Company in the Shaw neighborhood, very delicious, and went over to a friend’s house for a nice home-cooked meal. We ended the night by having a cocktail at The Gibson, which is a bar that is credited for helping to start the craft cocktail movement. You literally cannot find this place unless you know it’s there. There is no sign, there are no lights, and it looks like you’re walking into an abandoned building when you arrive. Definitely ask for Chris when you get there, he will hook you up with something delicious if you can’t decide what you want from the menu (like me).

It was a short and sweet trip but we had so much fun seeing an old friend and meeting new ones at our first official stop. Now, on to Philly!



  1. Great descriptions and photos, I feel we’re there with you!! Continue enjoying every minute and of course, keep us posted 🤗

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